Eat Well

Dining Is Not Just Nutrition…

Promenade provides three delectable and delightful meals on a daily basis, as well as drinks and snacks throughout the day. Our Chefs work together with a Registered Dietician to ensure that the meals are not only delicious, but wholesome and healthy too. Promenade is committed to providing its residents with the highest quality, best-tasting and most diverse menu possible. With seasonal favorites, the freshest ingredients, and carefully prepared dishes, it is no wonder that residents look forward to mealtime.


At the Promenade, we incorporate our food services into the very fabric of our programming. Adding fun to our delicious menus, Promenade dresses the part. On Hawaiian nights, our staff will come dressed in Hawaiian shirts as they serve delicious pineapple chicken topped with cherries…Our summer BBQs are an event to be remembered…


No Holiday passes without Promenade Eat Well program springing into action.
From succulent brisket on Christmas to Turkey with all the fixins on Thanksgiving to a Passover Seder… PROMENADE HAS IT COVERED!


Promenade recognizes and embraces our diverse community's variety of dining preferences and food preparation requirements. We are eager to accommodate special dietary restrictions, such as low sodium or no sugar diets. Our staff ensures that the meals are processed according to physician instructions to avoid possible choking hazards. We are also careful to accommodate our residents with food allergies.

Our residents anxiously await the opening of our dining rooms with great anticipation. Promenade's chefs are passionate about their programs, often starting out at 5am to ensure that food preparation, presentation, and service are in conformance with Promenade's high standards. Our friendly team of dining professionals maintains an environment that’s clean, friendly, courteous and respectful of all of our residents.

Promenade is always looking for ways to improve on our impressive dining services. In fact, once a month, our residents meet with the chef in an open forum whereby residents can make requests and suggestions to maintain our track record of food excellence.

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