Be Well


Keeping Our Residents Healthy and Happy is what it is all About!

Promenade residents have access to our on-site dedicated wellness centers featuring Registered Nurses and licensed Home Health Aides. To ensure that our residents stay healthy, Promenade provides medication management to ensure that medications are dispensed as directed by the resident's physician. Promenade's activity calendar provides for frequent exercise activities that are appropriate for our residents. Not only does it provide essential fitness, but many of our residents find our exercise classes to be entertaining as well. Promenade's meals are prepared in conjunction with a Registered Dietician to ensure that essential nutrients are being provided. We provide meals in conformance with certain dietary restrictions such as low sodium and sugar free diets. Health care practitioners, such as physicians and podiatrists, regularly make house calls to our residents to ensure that they are in good health.

Promenade's BE WELL PROGRAM, it's Like Having….

  • A Personal Nurse
  • A Personal Chef
  • A Personal Housekeeper
  • A Personal Hairdresser
  • A Personal Driver
  • A Personal Receptionist
  • A Personal Recreation Advisor

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