Senior Day Program

Senior couple playing electronic game

Social Model Senior Day Program

Social Model Senior Day Programs are designed to help to delay or prevent nursing home placement and the need for other very costly services, while providing vital assistance to the older person with cognitive and/or physical impairments. Promenade's New Windsor and Middletown Social-Model Senior Day Programs offer a structured, comprehensive program that provides functionally impaired individuals with socialization, supervision and monitoring, personal care, and nutrition in a protective setting.

Social Model Senior Day Programs also provide caregivers with essential respite to enable them to take care of personal needs and have the physical wherewithal to provide care during the evening and early morning. By placing loved ones in the care of Promenade Senior Centers, caregivers can rest assured that their loved one is in a safe and nurturing environment.

Promenade Senior Centers seeks to

  • Help program participants maintain or improve the quality of their lives through socialization, supervision, monitoring, companionship, and nutrition
  • Preserve program participant's sense of well-being.
  • Create a warm, friendly environment where everyone is happy and feels nurtured, and cared for.
  • Honor each client's individuality and encourage them to approach the aging process in a more positive light…we work to enrich each program participant's life.
  • Enable caregivers to take care of personal needs, have respite, save money, and prevent their loved ones from becoming institutionalized.

We accept payment from various sources including Private Pay, Long Term Care Insurance, and Managed Long Term Care Companies.