Alan I.

Dear Gail,

I want to take this time to say THANK YOU to you and the staff for all that you did for my Mom.

From the time she arrived in 2012, until the time she departed on January 8th, the staff consistently went above and beyond the call of duty to assist her.

When Mom initially arrived the staff worked hard to make her feel a part of the community. It took a while for her to acclimate to the new environment but the staff made it easy for her to feel at home. I remember my early visits with Mom were always in her room. Over time I could never find her in her room. Instead she became the bingo queen who happily played bingo, board games, cards and tiles. It was refreshing to hear her tell me I had to plan my visits around her activity schedule.

As time progressed and her needs changed, the staff adjusted accordingly. They would spend more time to insure she got from one location to the next safely. They became more attentive about her medications as she became reticent about taking them regularly. And they helped craft strategies to get her to take her meds even when she didn’t want to. They worked with me to get her ready whenever she had appointments outside the facility. During my weekly visits I would always get progress reports on how Mom was doing and what she was up to. I also got calls whenever the staff felt I needed to know something immediately. While Mom may not have always been thrilled about the amount of information shared with me, she readily acknowledged the staff was truly concerned about her well being and that they take really good care of me here.

As her health declined the staff once again went above and beyond. They did everything possible to get her to eat and to make her comfortable. Ultimately it was necessary to move Mom to hospice.

I can honestly say that without the level of effort provided by the nurses and aides, Mom would have moved to hospice much sooner than she did. I will be forever grateful for all of the hard work, dedication and companionship you and the staff bestowed on Mom.

We were truly very fortunate to find The Promenade of Chestnut Ridge.

Alan I