Kathy T.

I just had to send you a note especially around this time of year to tell you how happy my family is with your facility. My mother has only been there about 4 months but the difference is remarkable. Besides the fact that she weighed 80 pounds when she moved in and gained 15 lbs. since then the people at Blue Hill are truly caring and go out of their way for me and have spent endless hours making her comfortable (which is not an easy thing to do for a 92 year old) who is used to being on her own. It is such a relief for me to know that she is safe and being taken care of. I have spent endless hours over the past year looking into enriched living, independent living, assisted, live in aides and nursing homes. When I met with Saundra I knew this was the place for her. Starting with the director Rich and the two nurses Heidi and Melissa everyone has been so patient and when they call they always say there is nothing wrong but we just wanted you to know… and then go on to tell you why they called. I have never met anyone as caring as Saundra and there are no words to express my appreciation, she has gone above and beyond to take care of my Mom.

Being an only child it is really has been very difficult over the last few years for me and to now see her participating in activities where before she would sit on the sofa all day and watch TV. The people at Blue Hill Aurora, in Recreation, Ben in maintenance, Jane, Shawn and so many others too numerous to mention have been wonderful and the fact that the Drs. come in to see her there takes another burden off me. This is a secure assisted living facility that you have to be buzzed into and the fact that many of the other ones are not as secure was also another reason for choosing Blue Hill (I worked for a security company for 25 years). It is also a lot smaller that some of the others and I was afraid that Mom would be overwhelmed at some of the larger ones. Thanks to everyone who works there and I know it’s not just work to them. They are dedicated to taking care of the seniors who live there 24/7 and I know there is never a perfect solution of what to do when a parent should no longer be living on their own but this certainly close to it.